frequently asked questions
All you have to do is submit some information on our application page Click here.Once you have submitted the form, we will contact to set up a meeting where we will discuss your home and your situation. If we can work out a deal that is a win-win for both of us, we will make an offer on your home. It’s that easy!

Just as every homeowner’s situation is unique, so is the process in which we buy.  For instance, if a seller has little equity in the property then we can offer to take over payment on that sellers existing mortgage.  If a seller has a significant amount of equity in the property, then we will typically make a cash offer for the seller’s equity.  Keep in mind that when we make all cash offers, we typically buy at wholesale prices.  When buying a property we take into consideration: the condition of the home, the cost of repairs, the current local market conditions, as well as the urgency of the situation. Remember, we want all parties to walk away happy and will do everything in our ability to make that happen.

Short answer -yes. You should contact your realtor to see what happens if you find your own buyer.  Most often, the agent’s fees can be waived, significantly reduced, or your contract with realtor can be cancelled. We typically cannot sign any deals with you if a realtor already has a contract on your property.  Once you fill out the application form Click here contact them at any time, but usually you would have to cancel any existing agent contracts before we would be able to work with you.

We buy everything real estate related. We buy townhouses, condominiums, duplexes, beach property, office buildings, farms, manufactured homes, mobile homes, or any structure that has land deeded…. even vacant land!

Don’t worry if your home is rented. We can buy your house and honor the existing rental agreements.  If you have family members living there, we can always make special arrangements for them too.

If you are behind on payments, we can make up your past due and take over payments on your existing mortgage as part of the deal.

You do not have to do anything, we have an team of experienced tradesmen to handle all repairs once the deal is closed.

Complete the simple form here . Click here to get started. (it will take you less than 3 minutes) How much do you charge?

Nothing. We cover all expenses as part of the process as well.